Corvin Mclean Jr.


Mr. Mclean has many years operating within the I.T. sector both for Public and Private Organizations. He is also keen on technological advances and hardware development. These assets along with his accredited certifications in various I.T. sectors would benefit any developing business.

Web Security, Data Protection and Network Infrastructure are all areas in which Mr. Mclean excels in, thus ensuring CIIG's products are always equipped with the top tier of safety.

Amadello Mena - Hebbert


Mr. Hebbert has 8 years of experience within the Cayman Islands’ Banking sector for multiple Class A Banking institutions. He has knowledge and training in AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know Your Customer) policies as all bookkeeping. He also has experience reporting financial information for various private hosted events.

His knowledge of Financial Law and policies in the Cayman Islands are assets to any company.

Malcolm Hurlston


Mr. Hurlston is passionate about communication and brand visibility, two things he aims to maintain at the highest level for the Cayman Islands Investment Group. His passion for Marketing and pleasure in networking have long been some of his greatest assets.

Social Media Marketing, Public Speaking, Networking and Composition are all skills that make Mr. Hurlston successful in his field.

Rodney Dixon


Mr. Dixon holds certificates in a variety of fields. He holds a Diploma in Business Administration, Operations Management, and certificates in Customer Service, Workplace Safety and Health, Project management and many more. Using his diverse knowledge base and strong work ethic; he can be an asset to CIIG and clients alike by tackling the roadblocks in business head on.

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