C.I.I.G. Technologies

Technology isn’t the future. It is NOW. Auto parking cars, programmable robot vacuums and A.I are all modern marvels that continue to develop as the days go by. The Technology business is consistently growing and creating new sectors for commerce. Warren Buffet said it perfectly, “Beware of geeks bearing formulas”. The numbers are there. The science is there. This is something that CIIG will take advantage of. We aim to explore options not only in hardware but software development as well.

CIIG Technologies aims to be one of the top providers of data storage hardware as well as technical support for information and communication systems.


Cryptocay.ky is the pride and joy of the Cayman Islands Investment Group Ltd. It is a Digital Asset Trading exchange developed in the Cayman Islands by Caymanians. We aim to create an entirely new culture in the way that cryptocommerce happens in the Caribbean. Visit www.cryptocay.ky today to learn more!

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